Korea 2017 – Day 3/10 ✈️

16 June 2017

Hi guys!!

Today’s plan: Hongdae for Brunch > Petite France > Hongdae

We woke up rather late and ended up leaving the airbnb pretty late as well oops. Our initial plan was to go to Nami Island after Petite France but after looking at the bus schedule we realised it was going to be really rushed and hence we decided to only go for petite France.

Our first stop was to fill up our tummies. Nothing much was opened in Hongdae in the morning except for some stores like these. We decided on Jajangmyeon(4000 won) and Jamppong(4500 won) today. This Mr paik’s store can be found in many many places along with Paik’s coffee. 👍
The food was decently good for its price. Great but not the best i suppose. 👍 IMG_6895Next was our super long train journey to Cheongpyeong station for the Shuttle bus to Petite France. The shuttle bus ticket was 6000 won. It allows you to take the whole loop for an unlimited number of time for the day. All you have to do is to pay the bus captain 6000 won and he’ll give you the bus ticket. Afterwards, you only have to show the ticket every time you board the bus. IMG_7142.JPGProcessed with VSCO with hb1 presetIMG_6909IMG_6911IMG_6916IMG_6982IMG_6925

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

IMG_7055IMG_7139IMG_6948IMG_7007After a snack stop at their snack stop (no pictures ☹️) we then left Petite France around 4pm to the bus stop to make our long long long journey back to Hongdae for dinner. We waited for the bus for about nearly 30mins and gosh was the bus packed. We had to stand the whole bus ride back to the station (About 30mins but its alright).

We were supposed to have Andong Jimddak for dinner but we could not find the restaurant we wanted to go and hence hop into a random BBQ restaurant to try their food. I highly recommend the beef skirt!!! It is so so so good omgosh. The pork were really good too! Their pork in general is just so much more tastier then what you can find in Singapore. The pork are really fresh unlike those we have in Singapore that has this slight smelly pork taste? I dont know, but I’m alright with what we have here but it’s just so tasty there. 😂😂😂😂IMG_7148IMG_7149IMG_7154Holy cow (Literally) 🤣IMG_8257We then stopped by ‘Kiss the Tiramisu’ for some desert! Although it is rather pricey, the taste is worth it. (Totally reminiscing the memories with Shi Hui the year before where we broke the cup while eating this in the super cold weather with the super cold wind blowing at us 🤣)  IMG_7172We then walked around a little before ending our day. 😄 IMG_7174


Scarlet Heart Ryeo ❤❤❤❤❤

[5/5] I just have to share this! Its been so long since I have been so obssessed with a historical drama. I’ve always loved Korean Historical dramas due to the type of story line especially those that reflects the real Korean history! Although the ending was not the sugar coated kind of happy ending(which i expected), I still loved it anyways. It was more of an open ending which I would usually avoid. However, it was leaning towards a happier future and the whole production ended really nicely not giving any loopholes (Which i absolutely love). Lee Ji Eun(IU)’s, Lee Joon Gi and all the other actors and actress acting was amazing. 😍 Not forgetting the OSTs which added even more feelings(more of like heartaches 💔) was just superb. Finally, the details were also so impressive such as the gorgeous outfits and background. The whole drama just had all the package that made it so unforgettable that  I had to catch it on TV every week despite my crazy school days. Love love love this so much!!

[Not to forget how Jimong went back to the future and prompted Haesoo to remember the past that she wanted to forget when she died back in Goryeo and also how Wang So said he was going to go to the end to find her whichever world they are in.❤️ And finally ending the whole drama with a throwback to their happy times 💗]

Some Quotes to get along:

Haesoo: “Do not get so hung up on the future that you lose what you have now.”

Wang So:”You’ll always be mine.”

JiMong:”Your life can’t change just because you want it to”

To love is to understand.




*All screencaps and videos are not mine*