Phuket, Malacca, Chinese new year … 😄

I’ve been neglecting my blog for way too long!! Gosh. I’m gonna try getting back to writing as often as I can since I love recording down the memories and experiences. Throughout the past few months, what I’ve not been recording down was Chinese new year, my trip with bae to Phuket and probably lots of school work and a few trips to JB! Hence I’ll be posting some pictures update 🙂

Chinese New Year: 
Apparently, CNY this year happened to fall on the exact day of birthday! It was a rather exciting one because it somehow made me feel special and at the same time I got to receive a few extra hongbaos (Hehe) and a tad bit more attention. At the end of the day, My family and bae celebrated my birthday with cakes and presents to end of CNY day 1.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 presetMy outfit this year looks like a picnic mat topped with heels from last year and a Charles and Keith birthday present bag.  😆 Also pardon how this picture was poorly taken because the car was arriving in a few seconds while my brother and I was trying to take a quick photo shoot. (The outcome was hilarious)



Bae’s 24th birthday

Phuket trip
This was our first overseas trip with just the two of us! We opted for Phuket because it would minimise the hole in our pockets and at the same time we wanted to go somewhere relaxing instead of cities and shopping! It was honestly such a memorable trip and so so so relaxing that I missed the place right when we departed back to Singapore. I’ll definitely be back but perhaps not anytime soon. 😊

Note that I wont be including many pictures as I have been making videos on this trip with  all the information. So do check out this playlist! I’m a legit newbie at making videos so please understand the quality 😅


Malacca trip with family and bae!

Right after our Phuket trip, we went to Malacca with my family for a short 3 days 2 night vacation. We spent most of our time eating and shopping. The heat and humidity was a killer tho. Otherwise, everything was great and the company was even greater. My holidays was a really fantastic one to unwind from all the stress and craziness from school before starting school again. We barely took any photos at all because we really just wanted to relax. 😁

Artbox 2018

Jb trip

We headed to Paradigm mall where they have an Ice skating rink that goes by per entry! It cost approximately $10 SGD for an unlimited time spent inside the rink! Insane or what. However there were alot of people due to that and the ice rink was too watery due to the number of people in the rink. Other than that we had lots of fun! Afterwards, we did a little bit of shopping at the same mall and had dinner at Arashi (A mini hotpot place) before heading to Euro Fun Park which was located right beside Sutera mall. I screamed so much on one of the rides that my already bad throat became even worse right now 😓 However, the park was super worth going! The rides were so afoordable with the most expensive ride being maximum $7 and there were also many carnival games available!

Note that this amusement park is always on the go at the different places so this website will allow you to check for their schedule.



IWSP Networking session: 


Well thats about it for now! Do check out my youtube postings 😁


Korea 2017 – Day 3/10 ✈️

16 June 2017

Hi guys!!

Today’s plan: Hongdae for Brunch > Petite France > Hongdae

We woke up rather late and ended up leaving the airbnb pretty late as well oops. Our initial plan was to go to Nami Island after Petite France but after looking at the bus schedule we realised it was going to be really rushed and hence we decided to only go for petite France.

Our first stop was to fill up our tummies. Nothing much was opened in Hongdae in the morning except for some stores like these. We decided on Jajangmyeon(4000 won) and Jamppong(4500 won) today. This Mr paik’s store can be found in many many places along with Paik’s coffee. 👍
The food was decently good for its price. Great but not the best i suppose. 👍 IMG_6895Next was our super long train journey to Cheongpyeong station for the Shuttle bus to Petite France. The shuttle bus ticket was 6000 won. It allows you to take the whole loop for an unlimited number of time for the day. All you have to do is to pay the bus captain 6000 won and he’ll give you the bus ticket. Afterwards, you only have to show the ticket every time you board the bus. IMG_7142.JPGProcessed with VSCO with hb1 presetIMG_6909IMG_6911IMG_6916IMG_6982IMG_6925

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

IMG_7055IMG_7139IMG_6948IMG_7007After a snack stop at their snack stop (no pictures ☹️) we then left Petite France around 4pm to the bus stop to make our long long long journey back to Hongdae for dinner. We waited for the bus for about nearly 30mins and gosh was the bus packed. We had to stand the whole bus ride back to the station (About 30mins but its alright).

We were supposed to have Andong Jimddak for dinner but we could not find the restaurant we wanted to go and hence hop into a random BBQ restaurant to try their food. I highly recommend the beef skirt!!! It is so so so good omgosh. The pork were really good too! Their pork in general is just so much more tastier then what you can find in Singapore. The pork are really fresh unlike those we have in Singapore that has this slight smelly pork taste? I dont know, but I’m alright with what we have here but it’s just so tasty there. 😂😂😂😂IMG_7148IMG_7149IMG_7154Holy cow (Literally) 🤣IMG_8257We then stopped by ‘Kiss the Tiramisu’ for some desert! Although it is rather pricey, the taste is worth it. (Totally reminiscing the memories with Shi Hui the year before where we broke the cup while eating this in the super cold weather with the super cold wind blowing at us 🤣)  IMG_7172We then walked around a little before ending our day. 😄 IMG_7174

Korea 2017 – Day 2/10

Day 2 – 15 June’17 

Good morning ! IMG_6667.JPG

Today’s plan: Namsan Tower > MyeongDong Street shopping

Just a suggestion, I used the app Citymapper the most! Since google maps  does not really work in Korea and naver maps and daum maps are basically in korean, the app citymapper was the best substitute. You can simply search for the place i.e stylenanda, in english and it’ll show the stores based on distance and wala! It’ll direct you to where you want to go to! You can also use it to find the shortest public transportation route. Jang! 👍

Leaving our airbnb to the convenience store to grab some kimbap for breakfast! IMG_6675.JPG

We then took the train to Myeongdong station and exited from exit  IMG_6688hehehe i am here

Our first stop was Namsan Tower.

Namsan tower:
Take exit 10 of Myeongdong station, walk straight and turn left of pacific hotel (facing the hotel) and just follow the route all the way. The walk is about 10-15mins.
IMG_6691Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset4 Adults ticket for the cable car. IMG_6714
Finally on top.😀IMG_6725IMG_6748IMG_6747
Some of the trees have yet to turn fully green yet 🤓IMG_6743IMG_6758We then headed to Chuncheon bibimbap for lunch. I came here on my last trip as well and rembered vividly how yummy it was, especially for someone picky with vegetables 😅 😅 .
Chuncheon Bibimbap:
24-11 Chungmuro 1-ga, jung-gu, seoul.
Take exit 6 and turn left after nature republic. The shop should be in a tiny alley on your left hand side. IMG_6775.JPG


The first stop! The line shop! It was literally just a few steps away from our lunch stop. IMG_6784and then some super pretty Adidas IMG_6788
Happened to chance upon Osulluc Green tea cafe while shopping! Hence, we had to take a break here. I really really wanted to try this so badly thanks to Joankeem on youtube. She has been raving about this place for the longest time and gosh i really really do love the green tea stuff here!! Highly recommended 👍 👍 👍 IMG_6799
A super pretty Etude house 🌼 🌸 🌺IMG_6820
Continued shopping at all the Korean beauty roadshops. Almost fainted since eveything here is just so so so so so much more cheaper. Variety, promotions and prices are just so much better here. ☹️IMG_6829His super long ice cream fix 🍦IMG_6816.JPGWe then had dinner at Myeongdong Gyoja. Totally in love with the food here. It is really really that good. 👍👍👍
Myeongdong Gyoja
25-3 Myeongdong 2(i) -ga, jung gu, seoul.
Take exit 8, turn left and walk straight for about 5 mins. IMG_6840img_6830-e1500224432141.jpgWe then continued doing shopping before stopping by for some snacks and the super aesthetic Stylenanda pink hotel. Oh and yes that was my favorite fishcake street food stall when i came last year! 😍IMG_6843IMG_6863IMG_6866IMG_6870IMG_6874That was how we ended our second day. Lots of shopping and good food. 😀😌👍 👍  See you on day 3! 😌

Day 1 – Hong Kong 2016 #2princessesand1dwarf

Hello everybodehhh 😊

I went on a trip to Hong Kong for 8 days with Shi Hui and CJ! We finally tick off 1 of the item off our to do list! (Although the plan was supposed to be travel to Korea together in 10 years  😂 #samesame) It was kind of an insane trip with super last minute planning, doing ridiculous things and almost missing our flight back 😅. Then again, we only live once and we will only be young once 😉

DAY 1 (14th December 2016) – MongKok

Our flight is at 9plus in the morning and hence we had to take the cab at around 6ish am. I had about only 3hours of sleep thanks to my procrastination to pack my luggage. We then had KFC for breakfast before heading in to the airside to shop at the duty free before making our way to the gates.
Unleashing our excitement ☺️:

Everybody was on time and we were able to smoothly board the plane and depart without any much delays. At the boarding gate:

Take off👩🏻‍✈️

Arrival at Hong Kong airport! 🛬

Heading to the immigration after disembarking the plane!

After going through immigration, we then bought our HK sim cards, purchase some snacks from 7/11 and bought our MTR card to take the trains!

***Sim cards can be bought from most convenience store such as 7/11/circle K or telecoms at around 80HKD. You can activate it for either 5 or 10 days. 5days entitles you to 4g, 1.5gb data while 10days gives you only 3g but for unlimited usage. All you have to do is to follow the instructions as per given for either of the activation.

***MTR cards/ Octopus pass can be purchased from the Airport express information counter. Min top up is 100 HKD with 50HKD refundable deposit.

One interesting was that you do not have to tap in to take the airport express train! Instead, you tap out after reaching your destination instead.That is something really different from Singapore.
The view from the Airport express train:

We then alighted at Tsing Yi to switch to the orange line and then at Lai King to the red line before arriving at Mong Kok station.

Arriving at our airbnb! The building’s exterior does look a little scary tho 😂😂😂
Link to our airbnb guest room!
Its a really small room for the 3 of us. We expected it to be small but it was actually even smaller than that. It was definitely not the best size for the 3 of us but the room was actually rather clean other than an encounter with 2 baby roaches on the first 2 days😕😕. There’s also fresh towels everyday so it isn’t that bad after all, although i was so tempted to move out on the second night. 😅😅😅

We then went out to find food for dinner! We were dying of hunger. But these 2 just love their alley life.🤔🤔img_8190
We wanted to have dim sum for dinner but could not really find any so we end up in this SzeChuan / Hong Kong eatery. As they had some dim sum, we thought why not. The food here was alright, nothing special but nothing bad. The staff there were really nice in contrast to their ‘Hong kong people’ attitude. img_8193

Our next destination was Victoria Harbour!
Beautiful lighting from a hotel.
While on the way there, we spotted this area where you can dispense your own postcards and write some wishes for the new year for free! So why not? 😊
At the harbour! While waiting for the light show, img_8223img_8288img_8225
Honestly the light show isnt exactly worth the time, but the view, weather and company was priceless.
Sat on the railings, gazing into the waters with good company 👍 #Thisishowweshouldbelivinglife img_8231img_8244We then went off for some supper to fill out tummies again! We tried some street food, curry fishball and the ‘chee cheong fan’
and then to temple street for some ‘shopping’ and dim sum again😅img_8469
*Pardon my hideous smile*

That was it for our first day! I feel that we did accomplish much for the first day. We definitely do feel the ‘holiday’ spirit and we were glad to have each other as company and tick something off our bucket list! It felt so great to have a nice chat with the cold wind blowing and at the same time away from all the stress after exams and the trimester. #ourverymuchneededbreak

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