Korea 2017 – Day 7/10 & Day 8/10 ✈️

PART 1: 

20 June 2017 – Tuesday

Today’s Itinerary:  Incheon chinatown > Express bus terminal station > Gangnam

Hello everybodeh!

Today’s 1st stop is Incheon Chinatown. We headed there to get some Jajangmyeon, Jjampong and mandus! The travelling time was insane tho. It takes us almost 2 hours to get there from Hongdae. The food made it all worth it though. 😄 IMG_7934IMG_7936IMG_7938

The Jjampong is seriously delicious! The squid is just right! Not too chewy not too soft and at the same time still so flavorful. Craving for this so badly. Only if my throat was not hurting so badly, I would have wanted a whole bowl of this to myself.😣😣 IMG_7942IMG_7945IMG_7946My silly brother and I attempted to look like the Hyundai car logo 😅 IMG_7959

Our next stop of the day is the Express bus terminal underground shopping mall again. We felt like we did not really comb (YEAP HAHA) the area enough and hence we went back to do another round of shopping which was a good choice. 😂  We went back to the same snack store again and ordered the same food but with soondae this time. It is actually blood sausage and really common in Korea thus we wanted to give it a try. To be honest, it was not to my liking at all. The texture is soft and chewy and eaten warm. However there was this smell that I cannot comprehend. It is almost like a different version of century egg but I like century egg and not this. 😂 Hopefully whoever else tries this will like it 😀IMG_7216IMG_7965After finishing our shopping, we then headed to Gangnam station with the intention of having Kyochon Chicken. I remembered from my last trip that the outlet in Gangnam had the BEST FRIED CHICKEN that I’ve ever eaten. HOWEVERRRRR IT WAS CLOSED DOWN 😢😢😢😢. We tried searching around the area and even asked their locals and they said it was gone. Hew Hew 😢😢  In the end we decided to have Korean BBQ at this pretty famous restaurant. We went to the outlet in Gangnam instead of Hongdae. The meat is really good and even the bowls they used for the soup looks traditional. There happened to be this aunty working there that speaks Chinese too! 😂 IMG_7969IMG_7971

We then shopped around Gangnam underground shopping for a little while before heading back to our airbnb. 😊

PART 1: 

21 June 2017 – Wednesday

Today’s Itinerary: Myeongdong > Seoul Station > Hongdae

Not a very exciting itinerary today but the aim was to have a more relaxing day. IMG_7988IMG_7998

We had tonkatsu for lunch at this random found restaurant that seems pretty classy but i forgot to get a picture of it because I was too hungry. 😐  We also had a short break at the Starbucks.

Finally, we left for Lotte mart at Seoul station. How can one not bring home Korean snacks right?? We ended up spending over $100 sgd there. 😅 😅  IMG_8005The view outside Seoul station in the evening. IMG_8008After putting our things back at the airbnb, we went over to the main street of Hongdae for some shopping and dinner. We decided to have Korean BBQ again since we know this will be what we would miss most 😞😞 IMG_8011IMG_8019Being the glutton us, we wanted some fried chicken for supper. We googled for the Hongdae outlet of Kyochon chicken and make our way there. To our surprise, it was closed down! However, thank goodness they relocated to a location just nearby. They were good enough to provide maps for people looking for them and the maps were covered with plastic covers in case it rains. IMG_8020We were afraid they will be closed already but no worries they actually closed ar around 1-2am.

Thats all for these 2 days! See you guys in my post for Day 9, our second last day 😞😞😞