Scarlet Heart Ryeo ❤❤❤❤❤

[5/5] I just have to share this! Its been so long since I have been so obssessed with a historical drama. I’ve always loved Korean Historical dramas due to the type of story line especially those that reflects the real Korean history! Although the ending was not the sugar coated kind of happy ending(which i expected), I still loved it anyways. It was more of an open ending which I would usually avoid. However, it was leaning towards a happier future and the whole production ended really nicely not giving any loopholes (Which i absolutely love). Lee Ji Eun(IU)’s, Lee Joon Gi and all the other actors and actress acting was amazing. 😍 Not forgetting the OSTs which added even more feelings(more of like heartaches 💔) was just superb. Finally, the details were also so impressive such as the gorgeous outfits and background. The whole drama just had all the package that made it so unforgettable that  I had to catch it on TV every week despite my crazy school days. Love love love this so much!!

[Not to forget how Jimong went back to the future and prompted Haesoo to remember the past that she wanted to forget when she died back in Goryeo and also how Wang So said he was going to go to the end to find her whichever world they are in.❤️ And finally ending the whole drama with a throwback to their happy times 💗]

Some Quotes to get along:

Haesoo: “Do not get so hung up on the future that you lose what you have now.”

Wang So:”You’ll always be mine.”

JiMong:”Your life can’t change just because you want it to”

To love is to understand.




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Doubt I even have to say anything about this gorgeously well written and well played drama. I love how even the ending is so well done! Praise the writer, director and crew and the awesome cast! Need to survive this after drama effect right now.  #SongSong #Guwon #LearntThatSacrificesNeedNotBeSacrificesIfItsForTheRightOne

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I’ve just finished another awesome drama! REally loving this one and its the first one i’ve finished watching in 2016. Loving their chemistry and dimple kiss so hard(Sorry Woobin 😉 )! The comedic part was so funny you can burst your stomach and then there’s the romantic part and the super sad part. All of it just blends in so well! I liked that fact that the ending actually starts from episode 14 and not like literally the last episode and then they squeeze everything in it. Dramas with the best endings are the best!

My two favorite quotes from this drama:

If I believe it, then I can do it. Because I believe I can do it.

– Kang Joo eun


You realise that there are so many people suffering in this world. In the end , all of us are in pain whether it is a lot or little, so dont cry, everybody endures it and carries on with life. – Ep.8 Young Ho



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Cheer Up / Go Sassy Girl / Sassy Go Go

I’m cheering for who i am today – Baek Ho cheer-leading club

I’ve just finished watching the 12 episodes of this drama that has Jung Eun-ji, Lee Won-keun, Cha Hak-yeon, Ji-soo, Chae Soo-bin. This drama is definately another must watch! Love it how they are similar to other high school dramas but different at the same time! I felt like the whole morale of this drama is to literally ‘Cheer Up’ and to always give yourself strength and to believe in yourself. Too much feels right now ❤



我的少女时代 – Our Times

 19 November 2015 

 So crazy in love with this movie especially how it has a better ending then ‘那些年’ I love how this movie depicts a scene of a future us going back to the past which is actually is now at the 18/19 age before heading back to the future to continue its story. I love how this movie touches the emotional part of something everybody would go through 😭 
And finally I love how this movie teaches us to pick up courage to love 💕 

“谢谢你出现在我的青春里” – 我的少女时代

20 November 2015 – For an 8am lesson

I’m Glad I did something today to make sure 10years down the road I would not regret doing it and instead be Glad that I did it although there might not be any outcomes as I have no other expectations other then to not regret 🙂 

Gratefulness Compassion Courage – Values I’ve always treasured ☃

Full of great feelings today which makes a  another meaningful day  and a day I matured mentally more 😊 

Oh, and to that day you thank you for reminding me of what it’s like to be normal again what it’s like to open my arms to embrace new people and feelings again after years. Thank you from a person you won’t even know my name and I don’t even know yours but I’m grateful 🙆🏻 Hope to meet you in the future as acquaintances 😊