Recess week is finally here! 

6 weeks of crazy schooling and crazy amount of tests and work to do it’s finally recess week😴 Finally able to sleep without having an alarm clock to wake me up although there’s still plenty of stuff to do, but it’s alright as Long as I get my precious sleep! Heh here’s some picture updates! In random order 😺🤓😅
​After a Long day of school but there’s still work to be discussed 😪

SIT Dare’s first internal event of the year Playing laser tag for the first time ever!Having Thai food at JB 😋Finally meeting this woman . Always the best way to spend time 👆🏼👍🏼🙆🏻Attending Jeannie’s 21st!👍🏼 
Prawning 😋🤓💪🏼​ Trust me the prawns taste seriously so good ❤️

Finally completing Paddleventures 2017💪🏼🛶🗻

爱心porridge hehe 


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