Korea 2017 – Day 6/10 ✈️

19 June 2017 – Monday

Today’s itinerary: 
Gwangjang Tradtional Market > Ehwa Women’s university > Myeongdong

Hello! Its day 6 already 😩
Our first stop for the day is the Gwangjang market where they sell alot of korean traditional food, textiles and many others. Our main purpose of going there was to experience the different food and have them for brunch.

Gwangjang Traditional market
Address: 88 Changgyeonggung-ro, Jongno 1(il).2(i).3(sam).4(sa), Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Opening hours: 0900 -2300 (Varies) (Closed on Sundays)
Directions: Take subway to Jongno5(o)-ga station and take exit 9

IMG_7727IMG_7731IMG_7733The mandu was so good 😋IMG_7736IMG_7738

We then went Ewha Women’s university to take a look at how their university look and do some shopping there. Shopping is relatively cheaper at underground shopping malls and streets nearer to university.

Ewha Women’s university
Directions: Take subway to Ewha station and take exit 2. Walk down the street and you’ll reach the university. We took some pretty pictures there. 😍😍

Next we had a ‘coffee stop’ at Mr paik’s which was just meteres away from the university’s entrance. We bought grapefruit juice, Chocolate banana with soft serve and an Ice americano to try. BAD IDEA for someone with a sweet tooth 😂. The ice americano was espcially bitter even after pouring in tons of sugar syrup hahaha. IMG_7828
We then started shopping around the area. We entered this ‘mall ?’ which was called elcube which housed different brands and shops like ABC mart, The Line store and makeup brands such as Moonshot, Medicube and Aprilskin. We went in to the Line store to take some pictures with the gigantic Brown as well as to moonshot to buy a cushion. However the guy there managed to convinced me to get a makeover from him. I was impressed guys. 😂 He did such a good job. 😂 I loved the way he drew my brows and how he managed to cover all my white spots and of course end up convincing me to get some other products. (opps) [At least I’m using them well as of now and still love it heh😁] IMG_7834Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetAfter the makeover 😁IMG_7858IMG_7880IMG_7864.JPGAfter shopping around the area for a longer while. We stopped by Isaac Toast for a tea break. We then headed back to Myeongdong for some more last minute shopping and for dinner which we end up having yoogane again because its just so good. We added additional topping of Teokbokki this time. IMG_7914

There were many claw machines with super cute toys in the area and my brother gave it a try but failed. HAHAHA BAD SISTER. 🤣 IMG_7926While wanting to leave Myeongdong already, we saw this Honey ice cream thing that looked so appetizing and I was secretly thinking that the honey could probably cure my sore throat. 🤣 My throat did got better the next morning tho. hehe. IMG_7924Tried some banana milk that we got from the convenience store on the way home as well. 🤣IMG_7929

Goodnight guys and see ya’ll on Day 7! 😄



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