Korea 2017 – Day 2/10

Day 2 – 15 June’17 

Good morning ! IMG_6667.JPG

Today’s plan: Namsan Tower > MyeongDong Street shopping

Just a suggestion, I used the app Citymapper the most! Since google maps  does not really work in Korea and naver maps and daum maps are basically in korean, the app citymapper was the best substitute. You can simply search for the place i.e stylenanda, in english and it’ll show the stores based on distance and wala! It’ll direct you to where you want to go to! You can also use it to find the shortest public transportation route. Jang! 👍

Leaving our airbnb to the convenience store to grab some kimbap for breakfast! IMG_6675.JPG

We then took the train to Myeongdong station and exited from exit  IMG_6688hehehe i am here

Our first stop was Namsan Tower.

Namsan tower:
Take exit 10 of Myeongdong station, walk straight and turn left of pacific hotel (facing the hotel) and just follow the route all the way. The walk is about 10-15mins.
IMG_6691Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset4 Adults ticket for the cable car. IMG_6714
Finally on top.😀IMG_6725IMG_6748IMG_6747
Some of the trees have yet to turn fully green yet 🤓IMG_6743IMG_6758We then headed to Chuncheon bibimbap for lunch. I came here on my last trip as well and rembered vividly how yummy it was, especially for someone picky with vegetables 😅 😅 .
Chuncheon Bibimbap:
24-11 Chungmuro 1-ga, jung-gu, seoul.
Take exit 6 and turn left after nature republic. The shop should be in a tiny alley on your left hand side. IMG_6775.JPG


The first stop! The line shop! It was literally just a few steps away from our lunch stop. IMG_6784and then some super pretty Adidas IMG_6788
Happened to chance upon Osulluc Green tea cafe while shopping! Hence, we had to take a break here. I really really wanted to try this so badly thanks to Joankeem on youtube. She has been raving about this place for the longest time and gosh i really really do love the green tea stuff here!! Highly recommended 👍 👍 👍 IMG_6799
A super pretty Etude house 🌼 🌸 🌺IMG_6820
Continued shopping at all the Korean beauty roadshops. Almost fainted since eveything here is just so so so so so much more cheaper. Variety, promotions and prices are just so much better here. ☹️IMG_6829His super long ice cream fix 🍦IMG_6816.JPGWe then had dinner at Myeongdong Gyoja. Totally in love with the food here. It is really really that good. 👍👍👍
Myeongdong Gyoja
25-3 Myeongdong 2(i) -ga, jung gu, seoul.
Take exit 8, turn left and walk straight for about 5 mins. IMG_6840img_6830-e1500224432141.jpgWe then continued doing shopping before stopping by for some snacks and the super aesthetic Stylenanda pink hotel. Oh and yes that was my favorite fishcake street food stall when i came last year! 😍IMG_6843IMG_6863IMG_6866IMG_6870IMG_6874That was how we ended our second day. Lots of shopping and good food. 😀😌👍 👍  See you on day 3! 😌


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