Korea Seoul Day 6/8 -28/03/16

DAY 6 – 28 March 2016 –Everland

*Snapchat video at the bottom of post for more pics and clips!*

We woke up earlier today to head to Everland! We took the subway to Gangnam station before taking the bus 5002 and then transferring to a free shuttle bus to the theme park itself! The total journey was more than an hour and was really kind of exhausting.
1. Take to Gangnam station Exit 10
2. Walk straight down to a bus stop outside WHO.A.U
3. Take bus 5002 [Use T-card]
4. Arrive at public bus interchange
5. Take free shuttle bus [Just follow crowd]
* When returning, remember to take the bus from the right carpark to get back to 4.*

After purchasing our tickets.
*Download a ecoupon from Everland website for foreigner’s discount*
Not brave enough to ride it, so I waited here for Shi Hui to come out alive. 😅😅😅IMG_1807
Cream cheese churros! 👍👍👍

We were like freaking out at this because we were afraid we wouldn’t know how to work the car  😅 😅 😅 . IMG_1817IMG_1835IMG_1830
Saying goodbye to Everland 😦 IMG_1846After taking the same bus back to Gangnam Station and alighting at the exact same stop, we headed back to Hongdae for dinner.

We were supposed to had army stew for dinner but we tried really hard to find it but could not. Hence, in order to not waste any more time, we decided to just head into a random restaurant that has the trip advisor sign 😅😅😅

Apparently, it is a BBQ restaurant! We had no idea what to order and hence ordered 3 portion of meat and cheese in total!

There’s just something special about korean meat! It’s so juicy and seriously so yummy! Also, so many side dishes were given with it! That’s something you probably won’t even see in Singapore. IMG_1855IMG_1856IMG_1861Not to forget, the staff here are all really helpful! As Shi Hui and I seriously suck at cooking the meat and all, the people here would take the initiative to help you until they see that you are able to manage it on your own! Kudos! 👍👍👍

Choi Go Zip
Hongik Univ Store –
161-15, Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul 02..333.8892

We then walked down the street and saw this shop called Shoopen. AND OMG THE THINGS HERE ARE 😍😍😍 So many of their items are at a ridiculously affordable price for the really good quality! We almost went crazy but we did manage to keep our calm. *PROUD*😉😉😉

After buying some things, we then head home for a small drink!

We really wanted to try out soju….. and here it is! 😁 Surprisingly, one bottle costs only about SGD2 ?! It is really cheap for an alcoholic drink that has about 20% alcoholic level! [P.S we were nowhere near drunk 😂😂😂][In fact, we still can casually pack our luggage and stuff] 😂😂😂


That’s all for the day!



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