Korea Seoul Day 2/8 -24/03/16

DAY 2 – 24 March 2016 ➟ Myeongdong  


IMG_1159.JPGNot so pretty picture of our breakfast for the second day!
Getting ready to leave our ‘house’ IMG_1170
IMG_1171.JPGHere’s our guest house! Love Love Love this place! It is super convenient! Only 3 minutes away from the subway station, Hongdae and only 7 minutes away from the main Hongdae area! The only downside is the small bathroom and not so soundproof walls, but that was the least of our concerns. The room has everything we need from a TV, hair dryer, kettle and even cooking appliances! We are also entitled to fresh towels everyday. [Their towels smell so good it gives you a homely feel]  I especially love the people that own this place. Super friendly and helpful! Since our flight is early in the morning and we arrived way earlier then our check-in time, they allowed us to check in on our own right after we arrived. However, that is provided that there aren’t any guests the day before and you would have to contact them through email beforehand. Either way, they’ll allow you to place your luggage at the reception if the rooms are not yet available yet anyways.

Seoul Mansion [Registered  Guest House] 4.5/5
147-44 Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Hongik University Station Exit 3, enter 1st alley opposite the road.

The road outside our guesthouse. P.S Those luggage are not ours.  😅
Heading to the train station to Myeondong! IMG_1175IMG_1176IMG_1183
Arriving at Myeongdong’s Main beauty shopping street!

Myeongdong Station Exit 5/6/7/8

Love Aland’s concept so much! 😗😗😗IMG_1188
Finally had the chance to enter an American Apparel store ever! Things there were way too pricey tho. 😣

We had our lunch at this famous bibimbap restaurant where all their waitress were wearing Hanbok! The shop was located in such a secretive alley hidden from the public view. We almost gave up since it was so hard to find, but we were so glad we did not. The bibimbap was the best ever like omg! IMG_1197
Tried the cold noodles for the first time! Love the soup but the noodles were really ‘Chewy’ tho. IMG_1193
As I am never a fan of so much vegetables, this bowl of goodness totally changed my view. 😗😗😗IMG_1198
Scrapped off every bit of it. *Feeling so proud*
Jeonju ‘jungang Hoekwan 👍👍👍👍👍 [MUSTVISIT]
24-11 Chungmuro 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul

IMG_1207 - Copy
We then visited the Line store! SOOOO CUTE GOSHHHHHHHHIMG_1206 - CopyIMG_1211 - Copy
How I wish I could bring Brown back  😫IMG_1212 - CopyIMG_1217
Was supposed to feature that Brown sticker but my camera failed me 😔😔😔IMG_1214IMG_1216
We had to go back home to put down our shopping cause they were too heavy to continue shopping and eating 😂😂😂IMG_1226
Pretty walls calls for pretty pictures. 😗😗😗IMG_1232
Myeongdong going into the night. IMG_1233
Hotteok- Something I have been dying to try!!!! IMG_1234
Had the Omuk again 😵😵😵 cause its that good! IMG_1251
I did not knew it was actually made of one whole potato 😱😱😱IMG_1235IMG_1254
Fried ice cream despite the cold!
And this crazy woman had 2 ice cream in a row and the second one is 32cm. Trust me, she actually finished this whole thing on her own.  👍 Impressed.
That’s it for our second day! 😄

Cont to day 3


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