SNFC 2014

Hello! Its been quite a while thanks to all the projects and submissions and SNFC 2014! Today was the day! I’ve got so much to reflect about. My first event was speed slalom, did really badly as it was not even my average timing. Though i was really sad that i lost because because it wasn’t my best run at all. However, its ok, i can always do better and i must really train hard to be more consistent! Next is classic slalom, the event that i really came to conclusions that i was gonna get last place (4th) as i was not doing my routine well in the past few trainings and i got to admit i kind of rushed some of the parts to form the routine. However, before my turn, i decided to just trust myself and my dear buddy (my skates) to just do my best and have fun without regrets. In the end, i failed both my sitting moves that i was most confident in and trip on non existent obstacles and cones, but i was glad my legs were paying enough attention to control my stance and i finally did my hearts hape hand action that i always had in mind but was too shy to do it! I ended up finishing my routine with a happy ending because i had no expectations of anything and mostly i dared myself to smile and have fun though everyone laughed when i rejected the warm up time cause i was scared i’ll be too exhausted! HAHAHA. I am really grateful and thankful that i managed to got 2nd placing for classic slalom, 1 part because i was lucky that the others was not really on form today (AND YES I DO FEEL SAD FOR THEM LIKE HOW I WOOULD FEEL FOR MYSELF) and sencodly the judge marked fairly and with the support of all the others! Thank you everyone! Now, its time to work hard for exams before the holidays where i can train more and yes its time to upgrade my skates and skills! Jiayous everyone and to my skates and myself! Awesome experience once again! 🙂 ❤


*P.s will upload some pictures and if possible video if i am satisfied with how i look in it 😀 *

– Routine song: F(X) – Airplane


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