Don’t Stop.

Every little encouragement from anyone makes a big difference when you are on the verge of giving up. Hearing things like:” Don’t stop” , ” You’re doing well” makes you realized perhaps i really i am doing well , perhaps i really shouldn’t stop. Things like these may not help me to be motivated or keep going forever, but it’ll definitely change my decision for the moment. People that you’ll never expect to be the ones that keep you going, will be the ones to make a difference. Hence, always love to embrace new people, new changes. They may not be the greatest, but it’ll be the best you can get out of this moment.

Thus, to all the people out there wanting to give up on your dreams , your goals , your life or whatever, DON’T STOP TRYING, keep going at least for this moment, there are plenty of time for you to give up in the future.


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