Day 1 of year 1.2

Hi ! Oh wells . Everything is always unexpected right. Well, first day of school didn’t went like how i had expected to anyway. It was actually pretty normal until receiving a message to check the student email about a subject briefing. Opened , checked and RAGED. The lesson for this week’s Wednesday 4-7 pm has been changed to to tomorrow, Tuesday 6-9 pm in conjunction with the mass briefing. What got me raged was not the timing of the lesson but was about how last minute the notice was and that it would definitely clashes into my training time. Indeed we did receive emails about a course briefing on Tuesday 6pm . But it never mentioned anything about the change of lessons especially to such a late timing. Also it even state that attendance would be taken. Won’t this mean we don’t have a choice at all? What if anyone of us can’t make it because of this sudden notice and has plans on ? I may be making a big fuss but i hate such last minute notice changes especially when i already have plans on. It annoys me so so so much. 


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