WANT : )

I wanna improve myself so badly! I want to prove to myself that i am more capable than this and i will finally succeed in doing something that i really like and can’t give up for anything else. I want to prove those whom felt that i am capable of nothing, WRONG. Most importantly i want to show to those who believed that i can do it that I CAN. This process is not something that can be achieved within days weeks or months but i am sure that next year on this very day i would be more capable then what i am not. I will achieve more day by day improve more day by day and definitely enjoy every single part of it. That’s my aim for now , to reach a higher level in slalom and excel in my studies. Its not gonna be easy wanting to excel both at the same time but i am going to try my very best to do what is needed and what i wanted. At least i have an aim , a goal on where i want to be next year this time. I CAN DO THIS ! Image 


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