hi ! Today was my last day of exam! I won’t say the paper is done very well but at least i managed to scrapped through it! Phew… Also i went to train for awhile at sembawang! I almost died.. The ground was different and i had serious problems doing my heel toe spin. In the end i decided to take it out , it was way too risky . Just in case i fell and i would have minus more marks then to gain additional marks. EPIC MUCH. So i had to change the last part of my routine in order to end properly since i have no more heel toe spin. it was pretty sad as i had worked on it and also succeeded as esplanade ground and shara’s void deck so many times… However it is alright ! I got to remember that my initial purpose was to go to SNFC , my first competition to have fun and gain the experience! So it is ok if i screw up make a full out of myself or get a horrible placing!  HOwever, all i hope is to not disappoint those like ryan, zhao and kimberly whom put in so much effort to teach guide and help me in my routine and training! Thank you so much! Hope i’ll be at at least my average form! Thank You ! 😀

Oh and Happy Birthday Qim!  


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