Study Break!

Made full use of my study break for many events ! 😀 Or maybe not.. My whole week was packed with studying, training, gatherings and fun! Mostly, i study in the morning/afternoon, then i’ll head out for training. Upon coming home, i’ll take a shower before studying till really ate into the night. That excludes my gathering and outing though. opps! 

Monday , Tuesday 

I did try my best to make my day at home really productive though… I stayed home on the whole of Monday whereas i spent my afternoon at Cityhall’s Starbucks with Shara before going for training with the rest. Not the most productive Tuesday ever… Did only maths , maths and maths. Training was good though. ..





I woke up early to meet Shima at northpoint’s starbucks and i had my fav cheesecake! YUMZZ . We did tried to study ESFAC for 2-3 hours ? But we got irritated by it and got distracted by watching music videos… We went to Wendy’s for lunch and i had the spicy chicken burger or something! It was good and i really loved how the food was served! After eating, we had a crazy idea, we bought tickets for the girl in pinafore at 7.20 pm ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………. The maths session was rather productive till our brains almost blew.. We then left a little earlier to go get some stuff and food ( snacks and KOI!! ) for our dinner/ Movie! The movie was really good!!! It is not like those typical dramas with forever happy ending. As for me, i was able to see that it was what many typical Singaporeans and people would go through at a certain stage in our lives. Its just so true and so touching that i gotta admit, I cried in the theatre ! 😦  hahahahahahah. Then we rushed home!! 



But i think i studied at home i suppose??? Then i went for training??? 



It was a super unproductive dayyyy . I tried studying in the afternoon but didn’t really worked. I then head off to Toa Payoh in the evening to meet my mum for dinner! And she bought me koi! WHEEEE ! hahahah! Went home , and slacked for 2hours or so? I then started studying till 2am i guess ?? 


I went to Iman house for raya visiting/4E1 Gathering!! It was so catching up with my bestest people ever . I really love my class so much… Brings back so much fond memories… :’) Sadly, i had to leave early for training … Training was really productive !! Well me and shara went a little over too high after training and Mr Ryan the stick forceully joined in and we started going crazy snatching each other’s things and running about like kids… Haha!! But it was fun and a nice way to destress though we wasted 15mins++ as we were supposed to pack up and leave!!  We then bought ice cream at Raffles City Mcdonalds and sat at seats alongside the mall while watching somme street stuff… Pretty cool!! Love such moments. On the way home in the train, me and Shara magically turned into hardworking kids and studied on the train! *winks .After reaching home, i bathed and studied a little while before going to bed! 


Went to ShiHui’s house to do some revision! Awesome time spent and during dinner time, our chat time was just simply awesome! Went home, bathed and studied alot!!! Most productive time of the week! Slept really late as my paper on Monday was in the afternoon! 

* The paper was on the average though 2 questions nearly took away all my brain cells . I really hoped to score really well especially for this paper! >.< 



Here are some pictures: ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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