I swear i hate it when people starts assuming whatever i say on twitter or somewhere else means i am referring to you and you start asking me about it. Hello, i know way more people then just you. Its not like its 1 or 2 people doing this. If you are always asking or thinking that way, it does not mean you are afraid that people would hate you or dislike or you or whatever. It means you are guilty of something. Get it? Also, please don’t stop trying to step over the line or get anywhere near where you are not supposed to be. I treat you like a friend or at most a close friend. So stop calling me names or things that you shouldn’t be . Its not right and i don’t like it. I am not so if you say it in chinese ” sui bian” . 

So yea… Finally managed to get it off my chest and really write out what i really want to say. If you ever see this and thinks its referring to you, stop asking cause you know it yourself. And please take note, i know more than 1 people as friends etc. I will be more than glad to make lots of friends and close friends and buddy but don’t be surprised if i take a step back or start acting like i am avoiding you or even if you feel a sudden change in me. It is because you are getting too close to my comfort zone, somewhere you don’t belong.  


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