An update and National Day!

Have been training really hard these few weeks!  However,  I realised that I have strained the muscle on my left leg above the ankle below the knee on the side… haha confusing right!  It hurts really bad when I turn my leg of a certain angle or when wearing my skates.  Hence it would be a 3days no touching of my skates at all “treatment and rest” for my legs!hahah!  I really hope I won’t lose what I have trained and also be in a better form to perform and train better by sat! jiayou! also,  this few week I have been really busy over my projects and assignments! time to really study now As my exams are around the corner! I have been coping rather Ok for the moment but I have to manage my time even better now! I believe I can do it!: )

A thought
I tweeted this:

It’s tiring being in the middle and paranoid over the fact that you know that you are sometimes being left out because one party thinks you are on the other side here they leave you out.  Trust me, the person in the middle,  believe it or not As for me I definitely keep your secrets and opinions for the other within me. I am not someone that would spill out everything to everybody.  Just saying alright.


It’s our country’s 48th birthday this year!! Seeing primary and secondary school students wearing red and white and being released early from school yesterday, really made me miss those moments so much!  Anyway, I will be going to watch the actual national day parade this Friday!!I can’t wait!! the last time I watch the parade on the actual day was when I was 5/6 years old!! AT that time it was still at the old national stadium! Wooooo I feel old now!! 

I don’t know why but I can’t stop feeling so confused and lost.  I feel stucked in between everywhere.  I feel like just forgetting about everything.  Like really!I really want to just forget about every thing that happened.  I only want to focus on my studies,  slalom and npcc and Nothing else.Nothing else. This sucks. I want to rewind time or get everything over and done with. Enough.





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