Freestyle skating

Freestyle skating is a sport that i took up around a year ago… As the name suggests, it is really pretty much freestyle. In another words is to be creative! It has 2 components namely; Slalom skating and Slide. I am a slalomer. I really enjoy what i do as it gives me the freedom to do it in my style and the fact that you have never ending things for you to learn. The difficulty in moves increases as you learn. Also Slalom consists of using a song of your choice to form up a routine and combining it with different moves and skills and sometimes dance moves as well for a is really just up to your creativity. Slide on the other hand is more of a cooler way of breaking i should say ? It also consists of different styles and techniques! All are tough in their own way. However here comes the problem, this sport is just seriously not known enough to everybody and even the world. We do have our own competitions in our country, Region and international. However, you can try walking along the street asking what is slalom skating , more than half would not know. Some would say our sport is ridiculous and is not counted as a sport. Let me tell you what, if rollerblading is a sport why can’t ours be? We train hard enough like every other types of sports. We have our own disciplines and we definitely would not lose to the amount of effort we put into this sport like others. Even the government is not really supportive of our sport most probably because it is less known. We never had a proper ground just specially for us in Singapore or even in School. In TP , we have to share grounds with others being chased from left to right due to many reasons and most of the time, the floor is just not suitable for us! Its a really sad thing. We are a big bunch of people but with such a limited space, we can’t do much although we barely want to and want to make do with it. The comittee members are doing the best they can but nothing will work out if the school doesn’t see how much we enjoy how much effort we put in how much passion we have how much bonds we made and actually how desperate we are. Kudos to everyone in TPSkate! 

Here are some videos! 



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