Sup! The haze is just real bad, like really real bad ! I started to experience it after returning from the trip to batam with my family! It is so damm hot ! Also the haze is starting to make people feel breathless! I never thought it would be so serious until i tried training with Shara and Zhao at her void deck a few days ago . I really felt the breathlessness . In the end, i drank like 3L plus of water that day. It might not sound a lot, but i have NEVER drank so much water in a day before ! ( I know i am unhealthy 😦 ) I thought 190 was worst enough till it shoot up to 200 plus and 300 plus and finally a record high of 401 . That’s just so unhealthy! It is alright if Indonesia is apologetic about it. I am sure most of us are understanding enough of their situation. But that was until they said that Singaporean’s reaction are childish and that we are not grateful about the oxygen that their forests provide for us during other parts of the year. Also, that the government felt that the amount of money Singapore’s government  wants to give them for their aid was too little that they rather not accept it. Like come on, isn’t that an obvious slap in our face. They really should be glad that we are understanding enough to suffer the consequences of their actions. All we want is for the haze to stop! Someone do something ! :0 

Anyway, other then that i decided that life should go  on as per normal ! I still went for my slalom trainings , outings with friends and enjoying the most of my holidays! However it would definately be much more enjoyable without the haze. Finally! I went to watch ” Now you see me ” with Shihui, Daryl and Yanxian! It was an awesome movie! It was really darn mind blowing at the magic tricks and also the big twist at the end of the movie! I’ll rate it 10/10 !! Awesome movie! Everybody should go catch it! Shall upload some pictures ! 


Lastly , i would like to end this post with some quotes for some of my friends out there. 🙂 

” Having a thousand friends isn’t a miracle. The miracle is to have a friend who will stand by you when thousands are against you. “

and also

“The first to apologize is the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. And the first to forget is the happiest … ”  


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