WHEEE! Hi ! Its the term test week ! Also , am going to ubin on this friday to sunday for ATC/STC . I really hope the whole camp would be a smooth one! Pretty please >.< Ok, for this week there isnt anything special as of yet other then just having to go to school for a week, skating on Tuesday night , and a meal with the girls at CWP ! It was a really awesome skate training on Tuesday! Felt that my volt and back snake for both legs is so much more stabilized! #happygirl96 Would start to really drill on my basics and at the same time learn new tricks too! Next was the girls, Gina, Wanxuan, Lilah and Nabilah who came all the way with me and shihui to cwp for our lunch on Tuesday afternoon! We went to Manhatten fish market for our lunch, YUMMY! Great bonding time with them as well. 🙂 Really appreciated their time and thoughtfulness . 🙂 

I would like to just say a few sentences of what i had been thinking these past few days. 

1) I am really afraid of those double faced people. You really wont know when they are saying the truth and when they are actually lying. Worst to worst , is actually talking behind your back. It just freaks me out.

2) I am also afraid of these people whom no matter how you observe, you would never be able to guess what is on their minds… Innocent, evil or just plainly normal , YOU. JUST. CAN;T. TELL. You can say that i am stereotyping, but these are the kind of people whom you should really be afraid of. You never know what their next actions would be..

3) Lastly, i hate being the middleman. It’s not nice at all being stuck in the middle. When both sides are people close to you, yet they don;t like each other. Though they say that they won’t want you to stand on either side, their actions don’t seem to agree with what they say. Even if you are to choose a side, you don’t want to disappoint or hurt the other party. Why oh why oh why .


* Pictures update afterwards!  


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