Happy Mother’s Day and more!

HI ppl! Today is Mothers day ! Didn’t prepare much except for a small present and carrying all the crazy heavy items at the supermarket until i almost lost my limbs. K , that’s exaggerated. But, still HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! 

Anyway, yesterday was one hell of a day… At first i was teaching my primary four cousin maths at my grandma house and almost vomit blood! Following, my mom came to fetch me to go to ang mo kio to change my portable charger but who knows on the way, we got into a car accident nearing the highway.. At first there were three cars whom crashed into each other but my mom, being the fourth car , managed to stop in time. However suddenly a 5th car came crashing into us . Like damm hard. Our car’s Bumper came off . However his car worst, can’t even be started up . And yeap, my head awesomely went out of control and smash the back of the car seat. Went to the hospital and stoned for like 2 hours for nothing then went back… Horribly now my neck aching and have a bruise at the back of my head… UN-AWESOME.  okok next topic. 

This week, i went for the TPskate training on the Tuesday and Friday. Tuesday was really really awesome!!! The seniors like, Tyler , Kang Wei and choon kian , are really friendly and nice!! Pretty much just recaped on what i learnt before ! Hope i can master them even better! On Friday was pretty much chaotic.. .There is like really a lot of people!! Thus it was really messy and everyone was everywhere! There is also like a shortage of manpower.. Hence only 1 senior named Song, was free and able to teach like the few of us and another group.. I can see that he is trying his best to mentor all of us though we are at different stage.. Also , he has to run back and forth .. Thanks anyway! Managed to learn 2 new tricks and improved on my crazy! :)) After that they also mentioned about the sales of Seba skated at discounted prices.. Damn Tempted to get the Seba High!!! >.< BUT NOOOO cause my FR280 is like only 1 year plus old.. 😦 I shall start saving to get it by next year!! 😀 Hope the rest of the trainings would be smooth sailings allowing me to make more new friends and start to  get closer and blend in with them :)) Please 🙂 


Pictures update later! 


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