Hello WordPress! Bye posterous

Sup! It’s my first ever post on wordpress! the reason Why I decides to change my blog from posterous to WordPress is because posterous has announced that they have been bought  Over by twitter and are closing down their spaces . Hence I have no choice But to find another blogspace.  The reason I chose wordpress and not.others like blogger,  tumblr , livejournal etc is not because I felt that wordpress is super cool or stuff like that. It is because it was the only space whereby I was able to import my whole content including all my past posts
from posterous successfully.. LOL.  So yea… Tada! however,  I was pretty upset about the fact that I won’t be able yo use posterous anymore starting from 30th of April as I was Really getting the hang of it for It’s simplicity and unique designs… But Oh well, like what they say: “Life is always full of surprises. ”  see ya next time!


Went out with them a few days ago:)


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