Phuket, Malacca, Chinese new year … 😄

I’ve been neglecting my blog for way too long!! Gosh. I’m gonna try getting back to writing as often as I can since I love recording down the memories and experiences. Throughout the past few months, what I’ve not been recording down was Chinese new year, my trip with bae to Phuket and probably lots of school work and a few trips to JB! Hence I’ll be posting some pictures update 🙂

Chinese New Year: 
Apparently, CNY this year happened to fall on the exact day of birthday! It was a rather exciting one because it somehow made me feel special and at the same time I got to receive a few extra hongbaos (Hehe) and a tad bit more attention. At the end of the day, My family and bae celebrated my birthday with cakes and presents to end of CNY day 1.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 presetMy outfit this year looks like a picnic mat topped with heels from last year and a Charles and Keith birthday present bag.  😆 Also pardon how this picture was poorly taken because the car was arriving in a few seconds while my brother and I was trying to take a quick photo shoot. (The outcome was hilarious)



Bae’s 24th birthday

Phuket trip
This was our first overseas trip with just the two of us! We opted for Phuket because it would minimise the hole in our pockets and at the same time we wanted to go somewhere relaxing instead of cities and shopping! It was honestly such a memorable trip and so so so relaxing that I missed the place right when we departed back to Singapore. I’ll definitely be back but perhaps not anytime soon. 😊

Note that I wont be including many pictures as I have been making videos on this trip with  all the information. So do check out this playlist! I’m a legit newbie at making videos so please understand the quality 😅


Malacca trip with family and bae!

Right after our Phuket trip, we went to Malacca with my family for a short 3 days 2 night vacation. We spent most of our time eating and shopping. The heat and humidity was a killer tho. Otherwise, everything was great and the company was even greater. My holidays was a really fantastic one to unwind from all the stress and craziness from school before starting school again. We barely took any photos at all because we really just wanted to relax. 😁

Artbox 2018

Jb trip

We headed to Paradigm mall where they have an Ice skating rink that goes by per entry! It cost approximately $10 SGD for an unlimited time spent inside the rink! Insane or what. However there were alot of people due to that and the ice rink was too watery due to the number of people in the rink. Other than that we had lots of fun! Afterwards, we did a little bit of shopping at the same mall and had dinner at Arashi (A mini hotpot place) before heading to Euro Fun Park which was located right beside Sutera mall. I screamed so much on one of the rides that my already bad throat became even worse right now 😓 However, the park was super worth going! The rides were so afoordable with the most expensive ride being maximum $7 and there were also many carnival games available!

Note that this amusement park is always on the go at the different places so this website will allow you to check for their schedule.



IWSP Networking session: 


Well thats about it for now! Do check out my youtube postings 😁


First 2 weeks of 2018 💕

I’m still dwelling on how fast 2017 past and at times looking at those precious memories from then gets me slightly emotional 😌

Another trimester of school has begun and I’m still stuck in the holiday moods. Tell me guys it’s 6 subjects packed with projects to be completed in 13weeks. How can!? Is there no chances for social life too??😭 meh.

Got to meet up with this bunch before we all disappear again due to school

Celebrating this dude’s 18th and finally getting to try this from Tsujiri (It was all alrights 🤷🏻‍♀️) and meet my new Bae too

Have a good one y’all ☺️

PS: I can’t wait for Phuket in April ☺️

Saying bye to 2017 and hello to 2018

It’s been a Long while since I’ve been here 😓, but I just have to end the year off with a post. I remembered how my goals for 2017 was to be embrace and appreciate changes and be grateful and generous. 2017 has been full of changes and there will be more to come in 2018 but I shall remain positive for the changes to come. Despite failing slightly on the grateful part at times, I’d make up for it by embracing the changes.

I’ll do better in 2018. I know. 💪🏻

Here’s some throwback to the highlights of 2017:

Happy new year 🌟 Have a great and fruitful one ☺️💕

Recess week is finally here! 

6 weeks of crazy schooling and crazy amount of tests and work to do it’s finally recess week😴 Finally able to sleep without having an alarm clock to wake me up although there’s still plenty of stuff to do, but it’s alright as Long as I get my precious sleep! Heh here’s some picture updates! In random order 😺🤓😅
​After a Long day of school but there’s still work to be discussed 😪

SIT Dare’s first internal event of the year Playing laser tag for the first time ever!Having Thai food at JB 😋Finally meeting this woman . Always the best way to spend time 👆🏼👍🏼🙆🏻Attending Jeannie’s 21st!👍🏼 
Prawning 😋🤓💪🏼​ Trust me the prawns taste seriously so good ❤️

Finally completing Paddleventures 2017💪🏼🛶🗻

爱心porridge hehe